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Matter Issue 1
May 2002 - out of print


A Stagnant Pool
- sample page 1
- sample page 2

Ricky - Philip Barrett Ricky
Matter #8

June 2013 - out of print

- sample page

with Liam Geraghty
June 2008 - Out of print

- sample page

My First Festival
January 2010 - Out of print

Minicomic version of story that originally appeared in 'Festival' magazine.
- Sample Pages

March 2009 - Out of print

Rejigged to A5 from the original version with some additional panels.
- Sample spread

Matter #7: Weird Face
November 2008 - Out of print

- sample page

Stray Lines - Various Stray Lines
October 2012

The anthology from Cardboard press featuring new work from Philip Barrett, Barry Hughes, Gus Hughes, Chris Judge & Andrew Judge, and Paddy Lynch.

- More details on Cardboard press website.
- Posts on Blackshapes Blog relating to Stray Lines here.

Matter Summer Special 1
July 2006 - Out of Print


Serious Gear
- sample page 1
- sample page 2

Matter #11
March 2009 - out of print

Contained short strips from the blog including:
- Smashment
- Patsy and Peadar

Matter #9
March 2008 - out of print

- Derek and Damien
- No Matter how Nerdy

October 2006 - Version 1 out of print - see version 2 above

- sample page 1
- sample page 2

Matter Issue 3/free
October 2006 - out of print

Featuring previously appeared website comics, including:

- Typical
- Sketchbook

Lint Issue 1
March 2006 - out of print


The Record - Full story!
See You Later Then
Little Boyfriend - Full story!

Matter Issue 2
May 2003 - out of print


The Divils
The Record
Girl on Chair

A Crack in the Shell Issue 3
April 2002 - out of print


Wage Slave - sample page
Danny and Claire
House Party Bingo - sample page

A Crack in the Shell Issue 2
July 2001 - out of print


Dole Mole
Wage Slave
Sam McMacs Love-Plan
The Wankers at Work - sample page
Touched - sample page
Whelans Indie Bingo - sample page

A Crack in the Shell Issue 1
March 2001 - out of print


Dirty Book - sample page
Baby Trouble
Even Zombies get Depressed Sometimes - sample page
Wage Slave
The Man who turned into a Dog
Micks Perfect Robot
The Gombeen
The Politics of 1st Degree Shelter


Wage Slave Archive as featured on

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Curtains - John Robbins Curtains
April 2013 - Out of print

Close the curtains before you turn on your light - my mother had a look for this, a kind of Don't let me down, it's not much I ask expression in her eyes, which was not a lot different to her Don't be late look, or even for that matter the dreaded Did you get Mass look. I often think of her now, and how we were, each time I close the curtains.

Two comics and a short story.

- sample page

Something Occurred; Bennie on the Loose - John Robbins Something Occurred; Bennie On The Loose
October 2011 - out of print

A darkly comic and disquieting short story told in colouful Dublinese, wherein young Johnner probably should have legged it when the pigeons abandoned their chip-flinging contest and the aul-fella with the tapping foot plonked down on the bench beside him.

A short story.

The Well Below - John Robbins The Well Below
August 2011 - Out of print

A symbiotic collection - comics and a short story - concerned with memories, the passing of time and the struggle to reconcile our grown-up selves with the children we were. In the title story, life can be spacetime-consuming for an out-of-sync kidult caught in the orbit of a romanticised past. When his trajectory shifts, shit happens.

- sample page

Mortal Tedium - John Robbins Mortal Tedium
January 2011 - Out of print

Seven pithy tales of precarious footholds in life which, with oddly purposeful frankness, reveal home truths and fragile pretences. For instance: in The Receiver, a young woman goes from sovereign individual to sorry individual as both her PC and her life are remotely tweaked by computer support.

- sample page

Enter Out
July 2010 - out of print

In an Ireland sombrely soggy from economic meltdown, where mutually overlapping dreams linger into lapsed lives and where cryptic communications are channelled from elsewhere, six discontented Dubliners count down from infinity.

- sample page

The Monkey-Head Complaint
June 2009 - out of print

In this good-humoured Hitchcockian tale of psychological horror, Frank is convinced he knows who deposited the decapitated cat on his doorstep an oddly troubled shoplifter with a strange mother, and an even stranger complaint.

- sample page 01
- sample page 02

Inside Outsiders
January 2009 - Out of print

Psychosexual subtext pervades this League Of Extraordinary Toy Story as action figures undertake the perilous search for a fellow room-dweller who has fled an emotionally complicated relationship with a promiscuous Bratz doll.

- sample page 01
- sample page 02

Sad Chemistry
August 2007 - Out of print

My thang just ain't to hang, to bang, to screw; and I's a chicken-shit mother, too spend my time indoors chillin', mother-fuckin' illin' to some bitchless life I just ain't up to fillin'. Kaz, I's spaz! Ain't never gots me no pussy-play you look at me you knows I ain't no Dre!

A collection of short comics and texts

- The Mine-Sweeper

Negotiating The Beast
March 2006 - out of print

Robert's preoccupation with trees had taken him to some isolated regions. One tree in particular became the focus of this tree spotting a rotting spruce, in the mangled branches of which Robert once glimpsed the expression of a hanged girl.

A collection of short comics

- Fat Chance

Vacancy for Satan
April 2006 - Out of print

My father placed a small ad in the local paper. Due to some strange typing error the Tuesday edition of his ad read Vacancy For Satan. (He had only wanted to sell the lawnmower.) Lucifer Iblis arrived Wednesday. We were to call him Lou.

A collection of eight short stories.