Live Drawing

Philip Barrett
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I call it Live Drawing,
but you can also call it
graphic facilitation,
visual note-taking or
scribing, if you like...

What is it?
This service involves me drawing, sketching or creating a real-time visual summary of any content or discussion that is covered at presentations or meetings.

Live drawing adds colour, depth and context to gatherings and sessions of all types and in all working scenarios - private or public sector.

Hello, Iím Philip Barrett, one of Irelandís most experienced live drawing artists

What live drawing can add
to your meeting or event

Professional live drawing brings energy and vibrancy to your meeting, presentation or training seminar. Not only will you add a new dimension to what is covered on the day, youíll provide a talking point for attendees during breaks and pauses.

As an extra bonus, and with your permission, engaged attendees have been known to tweet and update live draw sessions to their followers and friends. This gives your event a bit more exposure and adds that something extra.

How I work Ė what you should know about the process

  1. Depending on what your live drawing event requires, I can work on a variety of scales. I might use a notebook, flip-chart or large wall-size whiteboards. And sometimes, I may use a combination of all these approaches.
  2. We can approach your live drawing event many different ways. I might simply sketch and record what is happening and take the role of observer. Or I can adapt a more interactive approach where I create visuals and sketches on-the-spot through brainstorming, for example. Or it could be something in-between...
  3. Whatever it is, weíll agree our approach and plan-of-action beforehand. This ensures all parties are crystal-clear both on what is required and what will be produced. I'm always happy to build new scenarios, suggesting and adopting a new visual component Ė but only if it can bring you one step closer to your goals.
  4. After your live-drawing-event, Iíll capture and compile the work into a pdf document which allows your attendees to record, recall and remember what was covered on the day.

Live drawing samples

At the Industry Research and Development Group Ireland Conference, my sketches enabled attendees to take in and process complex intangible concepts and ideas

At the Culture 2025 discussion group for Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, my live drawing work gave a little context and colour to a range of conceptual societal discussions

I worked with a group on a digital era bookstore concept and used live drawing to map out the concept and visualise how it might appear in a physical form

Working with Airfield House, I enjoyed taking their ideas from a brainstorming session and representing them in traditional sketches on the day

You know those videos where you see the hand drawing the pictures?
They're called Televisualisations.

By developing this Televisualisation in association with Tusla, HSE and Quicksmart AV, we applied the ancient art of storytelling to digital media

To find out more, email for details about televisualisation packages which can include scripting, voice-over recording, video drawing and post-production.

A bit more about Philip Barrett

Working with TedX Dublin

A professional illustrator, artist and designer, Iíve been working commercially for over 15 years and have authored and contributed to several books and many publications over the years.

In live drawing specifically, I count myself very lucky to have some of the biggest brands and most notable organisations in Ireland as clients. These include Google, National Museum of Ireland, TedX Dublin, National Treasury Management Agency, Irish Management Institute and many more.

To see more samples of my work, email me at